Why The Inflatables

Bubble event catering is a trading nane of the little Green Bean Machine, a mobile coffee shop concept.

Bubble event catering was created as we felt there was a need for somthing a little different within the mobile event catering sector.


Big box shaped catering trailers and flimsy gazibos structures have been the norm and have dominated the industury untill now, but organisers and customers alike have become far more demanding in there desire for somthing different.

So Bubble Event Catering was born. 


Our bubbles may be full of air, But we can asure you that the crew that work in them are not.

They strive to serve only the very best of products to our customers.


Our quirky inflatable Bubbles give a unique and interesting vibe and look to any show or event making us stand out from the crowd.



If you are just looking to just hire the structure for your party or event then please get in touch. 


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